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Strafe this second OVA of Weiß Kreuz started with blood on the snow and ken injured his eyes dripping blood, the rest of the Weiß Kreuz laying motionless on the floor covered with blood. What happen? Back to the present Aya and Yoji  have received orders to kill the traitors of Weiß they are Ken and Omi. Why had they detrayed Weiß? After listening to the  orders Yoji laughed out  taking the mission seriously, but Aya was the opposite. Aya asked Yoji "Why are we Weiß?". Ken ,Omi , Akira and Kaori went into hiding. They hide themselves in a control room of a old merry-go-around. As Akira just knew Ken and Omi he question them with a gun pointing at them. After making sure that they are not his enemies Akira told them their past and Kaori told them how she get to know the other hackers. Yoji on that night could not rest as he kept on thinking on what he would do if he really met Omi and Ken, should he kill them? The next day Ken and Omi left to find Aya and Yoji to explain to them what had actually happen. They went to the place where they usually park their mobile  shop and their home. As no one is at home Omi went to check the computer, they found out that they are now the target. Just then Yoji came back he shouted at them "Why did u come back?" .Yoji told them that the next time they see them they will not be friends but enemies and told them to leave. At the same time Kaori and her brother are surrounded by American soldiers. They started firing shoots at them . Beliveing that Ken and Omi will come back to save them. Akira ran up to face the enemy and sacrifice himself to save his sister. When Ken and Omi could not find Kaori but have found Akria's body. Just when they where about to go and seek revenge, Aya and Yoji came. Ken asked them "Have u come to kill us?" They started fighting Aya Verse Ken , Yoji Verse Omi. The rest i dunno how am i to tell you just see the pictures. IS THIS THE END OF WEIß? To know please  go and purchase the OVA.